New laws meant to change

Certain practices in society,

Can only acquire legitimacy

After all opinions could exchange



Sometimes, I dislike taking them

I dislike displeasing, do it all the same

Communication softens mayhem

The memory remains lame


I Wish

That always with diplomacy

I brought what bothers me

And didn’t shout out

Issues I’m annoyed about







Decorum & privacy don’t matter

As soon as people fight

Those are dumped overnight

Somewhere, off, they splatter








My friends may fight

Among each other

Also me, it will bother

When I see their plight






Too Bad

This person is not my love
Nor my best friend
There’s friendship, kind of
Yet, it needs an end




Other people’s views are refreshing
Yet they can’t solve your problem
When interests are clashing
It takes strenghth to leave a mayhem