The storm is raging & howling

This month is the coldest this season

American banks are falling,

A situation, authorities sit tightly upon


How Could Embroidered QR Code Patches Help Your Business Grow?

There is no denying the internet’s enormous potential to help businesses communicate with and reach out to potential customers as well as to convey brand messages. Whether small or large, almost every business has its presence on the internet and uses a number of the most powerful promotion tools, such as social media, video content, […]

How Could Embroidered QR Code Patches Help Your Business Grow?

I hadn’t thought about this yet… Thanks for sharing 💛

Urban Farm

Different talents, traditions & expertise

Make a various, prosperous farm

Now I say, amidst climate alarm,

We need urban farming as a practise



As unhappy as I am about the war

Loss of life & land to Russia

There’s perhaps one valid issue for Russia

It won’t accept foreign currency anymore


Strange News

I read the other day

A young guy had sold his soul as an NFT

It sounds as a prank, but he is uneasy

How much weirder gets the play?