First Fog

As always halfway August,

We see the very first bits:

Autumn fog that hits

Morning light did adjust



Their presence has become rare

Yet, around stores for fruit, fish, pastry

We see them fare

As wasps do: Quite happily



Clouds, fierce wind

The weather may grind

At least, the Sun

Is high in the Summer-blue sky



Not often
Did it fall so hard
I hope for days to soften
This Summer’s regard


My shoes aren’t water resistant

I wear them on my boat

The rain seemed to gloat

At least, my umbrella was an assistant


My Neighbor, Steve Jobs (via Lisen’s “Blog” – An Angle of PrismWork)

Yes Steve Jobs must have neighbors like the rest of us

My Neighbor, Steve Jobs This article first appeared in Palo Alto Patch. My neighbor, Steve Jobs, has been in the news lately. The talk of the town is the recent announcement he will be stepping aside to let other seeds grow at Apple. The business press, the general press, the blogosphere, and just about everybody else has waxed poetic about the “greatest CEO of all time” saying that this “boy wonder” has shaped the very nature of our lives with his genius.  It’s all tru … Read More

via Lisen’s “Blog” – An Angle of PrismWork