Amazing Beach Day

It really is

A few white clouds in the crisp blue

And me, glued at the office

I will catch up — but, at a task I’m true



Rains keep falling

It’s the feel of October

With the first foliage budding

The wind makes it even less sober


Dandelion | Paardebloem

To some, a weed — that’s all

To others, embodiment

Of medicine, beverage, nourishment

To me, the brief yellow Spring symbol


Voor sommigen een onkruid, meer niet

Voor anderen, vleeswording

Van medicatie, drank, voeding

Voor mij, voorjaarsicoon wiens geel snel verschiet



I saw the snow fall again

This Spring day

Do I complain?

Other days gave too strong a Sun ray


A New Month

Meticulously & peacefully, woodpecker is hammering

Alas, there’s smog on the air

Meaning, a hot day of Eastern wind we’re expecting

Fresh coffee, for a moment, diminishes my care