Beaver Nuisance!?

The beaver was nearly extinct

It was reintroduced & it expanded

Now, to damage its name is linked

Nowhere else, they’re access granted


Summer Day

As if we were in northern Italy

Again, the bright light astounds me

News report says, also birds change

As a result of climate change



The king is vacationing in Greece

Though, now, hardly a plane can go airborne

So, the people scorn

In the meantime, a little guy is at ease


Mouse in the House #99WSP

It has always amazed me: Critters around the house

A childhood fav, was this little mammal: The mouse

Every Spring and Fall, we heard just one shuffle

On the attic, where it cleanly slept, without scuffle

There were no others than this one tidy mouse

Later, I encountered more than one mice filled house

It didn’t make me loose sympathy for the mouse

It’s a gentle spirit; at home, it’s relatively harmless

In a domestic environment, it may cause minor stress


Animal Symbolism

Cow, Snake, Eagle, Dog

World philosophies & religions

Give them different positions

Reading about it, removes the fog



Their presence has become rare

Yet, around stores for fruit, fish, pastry

We see them fare

As wasps do: Quite happily



A goldfish is prone to stress & fears

Yet, if you take good care of them

And bond with them,

They may grow as old as 16, 20 years



A cat proudly shows its master a prey
Amazing how species complement
And understand
In a loving way