Animal Symbolism

Cow, Snake, Eagle, Dog

World philosophies & religions

Give them different positions

Reading about it, removes the fog



Their presence has become rare

Yet, around stores for fruit, fish, pastry

We see them fare

As wasps do: Quite happily



A goldfish is prone to stress & fears

Yet, if you take good care of them

And bond with them,

They may grow as old as 16, 20 years



A cat proudly shows its master a prey
Amazing how species complement
And understand
In a loving way






Our Park

Stupid officials removed all bushes
All our rabbits are gone
I don’t care about the lawn
Never mind holes around the bushes


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Year of the Box Turtles (via Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog)

Impressive turtles

Year of the Box Turtles With the record rains and high water at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, 2011 has already become a memorable year.¬† Of all the wildlife I have observed this Spring, the sightings of so many Eastern Box Turtles (Terrapene¬†carolina carolina)¬†has added to the mystique of this year.¬† My history with this engaging turtle in this park is slim.¬† During the eight previous years I’ve come across live specimens only twice.¬† On two other occasions I’ve fou ‚Ķ Read More

via Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog