We all must learn not to take for granted

That anything once planted

May extinguish, die or dwindle

It may have no chance to rekindle


Thanks to Fandango for this challenge 💛

Almost a Wrap

I’m finishing something difficult

While rains are falling,

First onces after months of nature drying

While trying to ignore media tumult


Keep It Small

There’s no need to travel far

If you want to have a good time

In your town, you also see planet & star

Nice to know, after vacation time


Urban Farm

Different talents, traditions & expertise

Make a various, prosperous farm

Now I say, amidst climate alarm,

We need urban farming as a practise


The Daily News

The news report now has only one topic:

The planet ~ and everything related

Humans’ fear growth is epic,

Thinking saving their butt is way belated


Yawm Ashura

Allah saved Musa from Fir’aun

Latter went into history as a total clown

International Cat Day now coincides

With our Islamic holiday — mention besides


Best wishes for an amazing day 💚💙🐈🌊