Even not at work,

There may be a list of tasks

But, they may be fun


Our Different Situations

A picture just reminded of our many differences

Red, yellow, or brown soil; the life growing from them

Also our own preferences

A photo is only another observation stem


Old People

From them, we learn what love is

An old person among the friends,

Is a role model, who says

What’s true to the younger friends



What if things don’t run as planned

~ Even if only slightly ~

You can only stick to your guns & see

To it that now they get properly uncanned



I’ve tried to find out what it is:

The magic of a place, feeling, event, text

Maybe expectation, outlook of what’s next,

Combination of qualities — or better leave it as is?


Animal Symbolism

Cow, Snake, Eagle, Dog

World philosophies & religions

Give them different positions

Reading about it, removes the fog


Favorite Colour

To get a Weekend topic done ~

Have you ever had one?

(Most people have)

Mine, had to catch an eternal wave

Preceding pink, with heavenly blue, I’ve begun