75 Years Peace

I was supposed to be part

Of the festive organisation

Instead, it was a home celebration

Our mayor gave us a gift from the ❤


Corona Bus

A medieval announcement call,

A van with speakers on top

Warns us to only hop

At home ~ but youth is in the mall

Motors, sunglasses; defying home wall


I Sometimes Wonder

Could anybody have missed the news

There are enough clues

Living under a stone can’t be

Humanity is no longer free



It doesn’t discriminate

On status, wealth

A virus hits like a stealth

Leaders & followers, alas, meet their fate


Early Spring

Bright, crisp day

The first night frost of the year

The usual early Spring way

The only thing unusual, is today’s fear


Weird Winter

Nothing of last three months reminded me

Of the cold season

Strange developments, keeping us indoors by decree,

Brought scenes without comparison


Our Enemy Plastic

Egyptian villagers carry drinks like milk, water

In a classic clay pitcher

Humanity later,

Chose plastic: A carrier of corona & nature’s killer


Prime Minister

The PM spoke to the nation

& Gave a realistic preview

A majority will catch a contamination

Words likely to come true