Piano play helps concentrate

Others walk & talk

That may stalk

Yet, it speeds a thinking state







The more fashionable among us
Would call it Zen
Work in the sun, music — but then
Also that knows its fuss


Great Meeting

Great friends of different times
In my life
Reminiscing & enjoying new times
Music & food were rife



A weekend of listening
Asian gong beats cured
An ear pain I had endured
Miraculous happening



Season of music festivals
Brief talks with strangers
Or listening from lakes & canals
To what’s brought by amplifiers



I heard good & bad
Or is strange a better name
Dutch contributions were bad
This year no need for shame



The reigning British queen
The rise of rock music has she seen
Tonight an era passed by
Respect, friendship in their eye


So you’re also a moon lover… the Moon is witness to our earthly ramblings, maybe that’s part of it. The Van Morrison video is great. Thanks, @D

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

adollyciousironyFly Me To The Moon

 Madame de Luna


 fra-froa Pale Moon

Love Bytes On Air La Luna

 Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Guiguoz Cuisine Rocket To The Moon


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It may set the soul at ease
Nothing more elusive than sound
People’s tastes keep us earthbound
Matching sound makes peace


Amy Winehouse and rehabbing the stigma of substance abuse (via FemThreads)

I agree with your last sentence, yet I hope we will remember her music & voice above all. @D

Amy Winehouse and rehabbing the stigma of substance abuse I’d wager that Amy Winehouse fans – casual or otherwise – had a similar reaction to the 27-year-old singer and fashion muse’s death: tragic but not entirely unexpected. You’d only need to listen to a few tracks off her brilliant 2006 album Back to Black to know that Winehouse’s demons were the crux of her too-short existence. Winehouse’s struggles with drugs, alcohol a … Read More

via FemThreads