St Martin

A harmless holiday for kids

Yet, even his day is in lockdown

So, tonight no lanterns in town

& No opening of candy jar lids


Food Secrets from our Grandparents’ Generation

Our grandparents knew how to prepare delicious food that would keep for months, even without refrigeration! Over time, these methods have been forgotten. Today we pay exorbitant costs for food created by scientists and processed in labs. The lost superfoods that I reveal in my book can cover your nutritional needs for fat, protein, and […]

Food Secrets from our Grandparents’ Generation

We should go back to more self-reliance, when it comes to survival skills. Thanks for sharing 💚⭐


After several months of covid19,

Life somewhat normalizes

Most people aren’t keen,

Yet, at crowds & surprises


Container Parent

Since corona days,

People produce more home trash

Citizens adopt containers, nowadays,

To take care of their street’s trash