On an amazing day like today

Words of praise are due

To the freedom and forever changing way

Of the cloud ~ grey & white giant on blue


Inversion of Seasons

Today, King’s Day, will be very cold

Without a shimmer of Spring sweetness

Last New Year’s Eve, September mildness,

Seemingly forever, kept Winter on hold



I’ve often wondered, if we’d had

Greed & war, if we’d been independent

From food ~ I now think, we’d still bend

To our competitive urge & go mad

When someone else comes first at the end



Sudan seems to have gained prosperity

Yet, two generals grabbed their opportunity

To gain priority through violence

It may threaten all positive development


This Morning

Coffee tasted like a dream of long ago

Revitalized after abstention

Breakfast is meant to make us go

We can refrain ~ from need or obligation