Last Day

I finished a difficult, time consuming task

I was faced with many a mask

Now, until the new year,

Nothing’s left but gratitude ~ I can cheer


Thieves|غارت گران

“172nd story” First published: Dec.17.2020 We have three kinds of thieves in the world; 1-The average thieves 2-The political thieves 3-The religious thieves -The average thieves are the ones that steal money, gold, empty your pocket, house, and store. They rob you to keep their stomach full. -The second one steals your future, dreams, jobs, […]

Thieves|غارت گران

So true. Thanks for sharing 💛

This Solstice Day

I ordered a grey, somber Winter Solstice Day

At least its ending was nicely grey

Now, I want next Summer Solstice to be

What it usually isn’t: abundantly sunny