Without Saddle

Somebody said today: ‘Unlike before,

People can’t ride a horse anymore

Without a saddle’ — Meaning the most

Of their mprovisation skills, they lost



As unhappy as I am about the war

Loss of life & land to Russia

There’s perhaps one valid issue for Russia

It won’t accept foreign currency anymore


Arms Possession

A civilian doesn’t need a weapon

You, yourself, is your best weapon

All else, causes unneeded pain

When lives are spilt, always in vain



It isn’t over yet

A few days flew symptoms

Can bring a various complaint set

What happens, when Autumn comes?



Things may happen in the street

There may be noise, cold, heat

Home is always a sanctuary

Where you can shut out the unnecessary


New Week

A new week of hard work

And lots of fun

Is dawning ~ and always expect some quirk

Even when all seems same under the Sun



I had promised others & myself

Progress on a difficult job

Difficult, after corona, a full shelf

But, I can’t afford being a slob