I wonder, if a monarchy

Is peaceful indication

Of a grant factor towards royalty

From a nation’s population



Bad & Disgraceful News

Afghanistan news is not hopeful

Leaving allies behind there

Is it the tragic of lost warfare

Or is it downright deceitful?


I also admit,

There’s been heroic determination

To save vulnerable people off the pit

Of this grimm situation



When your space is relatively empty,

It gives you ease & flexibility

We increasingly miss emptiness

In the growing crowd’s stress


Daily Haibun, August 21th – Golden Harvest Moon

The deep blue sky is filled with a golden harvest moon. Filling my heart with joy. Calming my whirlwind mind. Making me draw deeper calmer breaths. Filling my imagination with energy that let’s imagination take flight.Blessing me with seeds of dreams to cultivate tonight. Golden harvest moon Together with blue Neptune Bestow mystic boons ©RedCat […]

Daily Haibun, August 21th – Golden Harvest Moon

Thanks for sharing — Enjoyed this a lot 💙🌕


Earlier, longer darkness

Gives a first Autumn finesse

There’s no Autumn chill yet

In this strange Summer we’ve met