Monday Night

There’s a shimmer of light

It’s a crisp, warm night

Scent of hay on the air

After a day of strong Sun glare


More Freedom

Gorgeous weather — finally

Soon, lockdown almost lifted

Society revives carefully

We’ll see, what vaccines have us gifted


Amazing Celebrations

In my childhood days,

The Queen visited people

At their 100th birthday

Now, the King visits people

At their 70th wedding anniversary day

& The mayor visits people

At their 105th birthdays


Talented Narrators

My townspeople are very verbal

At work, I’ve heard colorful tales

They raise an event from abysmal

To a tale where extraordinary prevails


Split Loyalties

In some of us, several identities reside

That gives a hard time choosing sides

As soon as conflict arises

In such case, it’s best to avoid crises