The Goog

Look who did I meet

In the street

Where street racers’ engines roar,

As if our town is their private floor



Many people today,

Keep plants at home

That give away

Oxygen — so afraid are people today

Our world may turn into a tomb


#99WSP Wish To Escape

As people, we can escape from our current place
When it no longer serves our purpose of security
But, often we escape to a safe, soothing sanctuary

It’s only a five minutes walk to the place
It’s not on any map; yet, its my design
It’s shades and blue and green hues are benign
Sun and Moon light foliage, water and friendly beasts
Bugs, criminals or meat hunters can’t have their feast
This place is always safe, soothing, kind, and inspiring
When I’ve been there, I can start daily working


Written for Carrot Ranch’s 99 Word Story Prompt.

World Poetry Day 2021

Today, is World Poetry Day 2021 @}}-

I’ve come to appreciate poetry very much as a means of expression and recording the events of the day in a concise, stylised way. For this occasion, I share a few oldies of my own. Have a great Sunday World Poetry Day @}}-

It’s a great road map
Towards saying your opinion
Without blunt confrontation
And with a gift wrap

Not much has more power

Than brief, stylised words

We don’t always need a shower

Of abundance in words


29 February 2020

We were told to stay indoors — if we can
I belonged to those who are allowed to work
How little has changed, actually, in a year’s time
Also now we say, ‘Only a few more months’
But now, a Mediterranean Sun vacation is less likely
The State has paid business owners’ rent, also now
Today, people say, covid is to stay coming years
Most of us aren’t used to what now adheres
People elected the same State back, despite its ills
In the end, they trust its anti covid19 policy.


March 18: Flash Fiction Challenge