After several months of covid19,

Life somewhat normalizes

Most people aren’t keen,

Yet, at crowds & surprises


15 Replies to “Normalization”

  1. True. Most are still germaphobes and scared of going out to any place while others still want to try and live a somewhat normal life even though its not the same life as before.

    I love this short poem. 🙂

    1. It’s far from the old days yet, but, we’re slowly on our way 💚⭐ I hope you are doing well Charlie, great to read you 💖

      1. True…the world will get there eventually. We must stay postive and know that a new medicine for this virus will arrive soon.

        Doing well…and I just posted a short poem that I think you’ll love and it speaks for itself. 🙂

  2. Here in Spain officialy we have been in quarantine for 2 months + at least, now it seems people go out more but today, it is a funny story, I go out to stretch my legs and smoke my cigarette and without a mask since I forgot and I got this woman screaming at me, literally screaming as if she had seen a murder or something, screaming at me to wear the mask. She actually called the police, they will fine you 500 Euros, I just sat there until the police came and knowing them since I have had my encounters with them, it is a small town and not a pretty one to say the least. They stop, say “holy shit again this one”, they talk to me, we BS each other, we laugh and out I go back to home. Tha lady….. well obviously mad since she wanted me in jail for not wearing a mask, and definitally she didn´t want the police to have a laugh with me. The abnormal has become the new normal.

      1. Forgot.
        I´m 37 years old and still alive when the statistics of the life I lived and still do should say I would be a dead man, got through the army “experience” alive, now in this town full of criminals, and yes, still alive.. Probably live until I´m 100 years old, then I will kill myself since I think 100 is a great number, it is rounded and it just seems like a nice number. You are good to go

        1. Well, it’s more & more likely, you will live to see 100. Especially in the Mediterranean area. Maybe, by then, you’ll want to see 101? Why not give it a chance.

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