Peace & Quiet

I didn’t like the eery silence

Now, I’ve come to appreciate the peace

We’ll need endurance & patience

When hardship may increase


Natural Enemy

Who would have ever thought:

Humanity has a fierce enemy,

Perhaps not even wrought

By Satan’s army


Early Spring

Bright, crisp day

The first night frost of the year

The usual early Spring way

The only thing unusual, is today’s fear


Weird Winter

Nothing of last three months reminded me

Of the cold season

Strange developments, keeping us indoors by decree,

Brought scenes without comparison


Our Enemy Plastic

Egyptian villagers carry drinks like milk, water

In a classic clay pitcher

Humanity later,

Chose plastic: A carrier of corona & nature’s killer


Prime Minister

The PM spoke to the nation

& Gave a realistic preview

A majority will catch a contamination

Words likely to come true