If you want it to succeed,

It’s burning the midnight oil in speed



Lucid Dream

I was the cook at a friend’s nephew’s wedding

After chaos & many an angry face,

I really started cooking

A happy ending is at its place 🙂



After several months of singing

I notice progression,


And strengthening


Bitcoin Value

Could it be?

Governments trie to sink it

Buying euros, is their decree

Citizens’ poverty, is more fit


Yahweh’s Divorce from the Goddess Asherah in the Garden of Eden

Interesting reading material, thanks for sharing @}}-

Mythology Matters

Hebrew Bible scholars have long recognized that the writer who penned the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and much other narrative in the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible (called the Pentateuch, or Torah) had a distinctly anti-Canaanite agenda, and that his anti-Canaanite polemic started in his Eden story. Focusing on this helps us to decipher the meaning of that story, as I have stressed in my new book, The Mythology of Eden, and in talks that I’ve given on the subject at scholarly conferences.

This author, known as the Yahwist (because he was the first author of the Hebrew Bible to use the name Yahweh for God), most clearly set out his anti-Canaanite views at the beginning of his version of the Ten Commandments, in Exodus 34:12-15, where Yahweh warns the Hebrews against associating with the Canaanites, intermarrying with them, and worshipping their…

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Hoogleraar Arnold van der Valk stelt vast: corruptie leidde tot penibele situatie Boterbloem

Allemaal gevolg v/h staatsmonopolie op grondeigendom en bouwen in Nederland.

Red Ecologische zorgboerderij de Boterbloem

In dit filmpje van het Amsterdam Institute for Advances Metropolitan Solutions legt hoogleraar Arnold van der Valk haarfijn uit hoe corruptie en speculatie met grond in de Lutkemeer een grote rol speelden bij de penibele situatie waar De Boterbloem zich momenteel in bevindt. Vanaf minuut 3.51 gaat het over De Boterbloem en de Lutkemeer.

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No End

Abandonment of one topic

Is always start of another

There’s no end to the epic

The world has no other