Some call it networking

Others, say fun

Those participating,

Hope for a hit & run



Don’t we all sometimes look back

With love, dislike, nostalgia, questions

Or, just thinking of people, situations

It’s a multi-faceted pack


International Natural Day: Feb 13

Pretending your great doesn’t make you great. But a hairless nonwhite college student thinks it does and this is the stuff that liberals love. This is a local story that unfolds at the big Mexican-run public university in San Antonio. Mexicans already think they’re great in my experience. They invented pyramids, the wheel, math, astronomy […]

via Bald Mystery Meat College Girl Promotes International Natural Day — saboteur365

Word Of The Year 2017

Fake News

Nep Nieuws

It’s on everybody’s lips now

There’s no demand to prove these views

Papers become buildings shitted by mews


Trump’s Authority

Trump has good ideas on globalization

Alas, they get snowed under

By the anti-Islam blunder

Lost authority, is lost representation