#EchtHeelErgFlauw De antwoorden

1 # Een skiwi

2 # Een heilig boontje


Middle East

I fear nations of the West

Brought terror upon themselves

Locals know best

Let them choose for themselves


Throwback Thursday

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Keep dreaming, don’t quit!
Everything is possible
and I love  donut :)

Tiffanie King

yepiratemanagua says: 58 Likes

never let me go
she said in her dream to me
but it was too late

AshiAkira says: 13 Likes plus 1 vote

Long left and forgotten
In sinful heart still waiting
For your warmth and light 

douryeh says: 10 Likes

Their names sail away
Their remembrance brings a smile
Under the moonlight

The latest health craze.
Slime-bathing removes wrinkles;
green is beautiful.

Lisa Summerlin says: 14 Likes plus 1 vote

Nature and creatures
Both renewing my spirit
What’s up with that hand?

nightlake  says: 38 Likes

Murky water pulls me in
The cold hand of death beckoning
I take…

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Collaboration is a good thing

The new colonial empire is satan’s work

No other word I have for describing

A system that should be a modest clerk