Great Day

Such fun we had

A great meeting it was

With artistic cause

The activity made glad



Off they went

My sons

A long weekend they’ll spend

Among monuments & companions



Sometimes I don’t share

It isn’t always significant

Why spread elsewhere

Just to rant



The airport is crowded

The views lure us out of door

Blue sky just a bit shrouded

More promises are in store


Can’t Shake

Why is it

That I can’t shake it

A feeling that something,

Very soon, will be happening


M7 Group SA / Online NL / / Intrum Justitia

A new one! If you need a good internet/television/phone provider in the Netherlands, you’d better avoid / M7 Group SA / The problem is, you can’t unsubscribe. You subscribe, and can’t ever get rid of the subscription, even when it’s older than a year–the legal subscription minimum in the Netherlands. They’re trying to sue me now for some 260 euros, plus legal fees, because they say, that they ‘had to cut me off’ ‘for non-payment’, when the truth is, that I had already unsubscribed by registered letter, several months earlier. And my bill was paid, by me! The problem with is, that it sold my account to a collection agency. Their name is #IntrumJustitia. This means, that consider themselves as freed off me, and that I am supposed to be a customer of this collection agency–which isn’t true, obviously. Could this be our future under #TTIP? After all, M7 Group is an international corporation, which means that an individual customer will loose any law suit. I’ve been through this before with Nuon/Vattenfall (a power company you should stay away from.) However, this time I won’t settle with written reply. I’m going to court in person and show them this blog, too. Nowadays, the individual citizen isn’t a thing more than an insignificant fly under corporations’ boot. @D

A Twinkle In Their Eyes

Love this

Twinkie Talks

this post is in response to a daily prompt here

So this may be the first ever prompt where dont write any poetry or spewl out a fictional story with a subliminal message. Reading today’s prompt made me relive a happier time in my life in all of its nostalgic glory.

Ever since i was young there was one emotion that I identified most with. An emotion that truly lead the soul to euphoria and back and laid a bed out for us on the infamous cloud nine itself. That emotion as we all so dearly call it is and was happiness, joy; or simply put as bliss. Even as a mere child I knew the value of this emotion. The motivation it provides to change ones life and how its withdrawals cause people to lose the core of their soul.

Understanding all these facts about the great emotion itself…

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