Break from stressful agenda

Withdrawal in the family

Dinner on the veranda

Tomorrow, a new day we’ll see



In a big theater, we’ll be

Next time, when performing

To one of us, scary

And reason to leave acting


What is an Unprivileged Belligerent?

This is bad news.

tHis tWisted yOuth

The Pentagon just updated its Laws of Warto say it can target journalists that don’t tow the line.

*DU stands for depleted Uranium and is allowed under the laws of war despite leaving massive numbers of Iraqi children born deformed and cancer rates soaring as the radioactive dust that aerosols from these munitions has a half life of 4.5 billion years. Breathed in, it is a real problem.. Read More here

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Life Taught

Sometimes in life you will come across cunning people who hide behind the mask of purest nature, they will mother you or act as your mentor, your dream come true person only because they have something to extract from you, something which you give only those you trust fully.

It can be quite a few things, for example it can be your business secrets, your safe’s combination, someone hired them to do that or they just did it because they themselves are interested in them.

There are genuine people in this world whose heart is full of love and tenderness, but not all display of affection is from heart, some are just tongue deep, sugar coat used to hide bitterness of poison.

The deadliest side of these people is mostly we discover their true face only after they have done the damage and have washed their hands off, so if someone is super kind, sweet to you that does not means you will have to bare your soul to her [them, ed.]

With thanks to another, unknown author.

Family & Friends

Issues they go through

May impact my mood too

Even when nothing I can do

To lessen what makes them blue



To some, it’s about

Who’s will is the strongest

The longer end of the rope is about

Winning a contest