Sometimes you’re left to your own devices

And must hope that instinct leaves no surprises



@}}- Twee koeien stonden in de wei. ‘Boe’, zei de ene. ‘Je haalt me de woorden uit de mond’, zei de ander.

@}}- Ik ken een mop: twee tieten stonden op hun kop.

@}}- Een Belg had altijd een groot mes in zijn auto. Dat was nodig, omdat hij dan tenminste de bocht kon afsnijden.


Some People

I don’t understand

Why they’re dissatisfied

They’ve got it all in their hand

And nothing is being denied



The concept is relative

It may be related to the Sun, the Moon

With a final choice we live

It defines the concept ‘soon’


Prose & Poetry

When everyday may be insufficient, we get dissatisfied

And when phantasy seems to lack, we get bored

Somewhere in between lies the truth

And perfection is a rare commodity


You All

I wish you happiness & wisdom

Take care of those you care for

Within you is freedom

In your own core



I considered emigration

Several times

It will enhance concentration

The thought revives, these times


Thank God

Others have to live with their own mind

This thought is enough to unwind