Dear Holland

Here’s why I hate you to pieces

Why I pray for your destruction

IS or the sea don’t have to do the job

You yourself are enough to destroy you

Let me tell you why

Over a year ago I was fined for not having a health insurance policy. I didn’t care for any of this anyway. Against my will, I then had a health insurance plan opened, and paid the fine. More than a year ago! Today, I receive a bailiff order that my bank account has been seized for this, already paid, fine. Their name is De Klerk & Vis, acting on behalf of Zorginstituut Nederland. They’re a new star at this sad gray firmament. At least 200 euros will be seized extra from my account, at SNS Bank. So! Some six hundred euros will paid now to the hidden unemployed. Very difficult to get them back, no doubt.

What’s next…?

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