East Ukraine

Parts of Holland may decide

To choose Russia over us

For all I care–why fuss

Let people freely decide



Lakes, canals nearly overflood

Marinas, some homes did flood

Rarely I heard such rain

Some people are in pain


The Other Day

I went for a walk in the woods all alone

All was dark, not even the moon shone

Just this, I walked straight into my love’s arms

A fine place with no harms


Bad News

It seems to have no end
It gets harder to digest now
I try to defend
Faith in humanity, somehow

It’s wrong to choose sides
Between East & West Ukraine
If it’s for Russia the East takes strides,
All opposition will be in vain

Yet, Ukraine brought itself shame
Who really attacked the plane?
Can Russia afford to defame
It’s big seat in the human chain?

I regret the USA isn’t impartial
It should let go of Ukraine’s choices
The EU won’t be universal
It cannot but accept other voices

Then, local customs differ from ours
Everybody is saddened by everybody
Misunderstandings take hours
Now, loss of dignity they embody

One thing I can’t understand
Why air traffic doesn’t avoid
Violent areas–safety it must defend
Yet, cost is what gets them annoyed