Sometimes in life
There’s silence between storms
Or a moment without strife
Moments when nothing performs


The Judge Can’t Reach a Verdict…

Here’s an update on my quarrel with health insurance company Achmea Agis…

A month ago, the Judge of Kantonrechtbank Amsterdam sent me a notice: They can’t reach a verdict on my case… How hard could it be, at all? My previous health insurer Achmea Agis sent me two small bills with unknown numbers, that they claim I should have paid. I deny this, and say, that if they think I still own them some money, they should send me the proper invoices, and close this disproportionate law suit. And bear all cost of it themselves, because it is entirely their responsibility to keep a proper financial record, recognizable to everyone.

Why then can’t they come to a decision. I see only one cause: all these state officials must play the ball to each other. The cost of it must somehow be shifted to the individual consumer. I am their meal ticket. So if I’m wrong I pay, and if I’m right I pay. Happened thus before, when Achmea Agis tried to get more money from me. And when my landlord, Stadgenoot, unjustly sued me for late rent. I had won those lawsuits, but the public office, the Court, made sure I had to pay the legal expenses.

Well, what’s new. Catch up your reading on Dutch history. Why did it take the Dutch government till 1865 to abolish slavery. Why did the Dutch government make itself legal owner of stolen Jewish art objects, after World War Two. (It isn’t, obviously.) Why did Dutch authorities easily hand over the Jews to Nazi Germany anyway. Why can’t I (and all those other people) appeal against Kantonrechtbank summons, which means, that they don’t have to reach a fair and well-motivated verdict. In other words, they don’t have to do their best. It says something about opportunism and unlimited state power in the Netherlands.

By the end of this week, they will reach verdict. Maybe I’m lucky and will get my money back, but it’s more likely, that they will protect a large corporation. I will have to pay more money in that case.


Things ahead
Can make a bit nervous
Excitement over what’s been said
Musn’t  lead to disservice


Last Chores

It can’t be more than 3 – 4 days
Still, I’m dragging my feet
I can’t leave the stuff where it lays
Before July, all should be complete