Dear S&P Moody’s Fitch ao rating agencies

Please read my blog on malpractices by Dutch financial institutions… you may think it’s irrelevant for you, but it isn’t. The USA are headed towards the same economic structures as those in Europe. Now, I tell you what happened to me recently, with health insurance company Achmea-Agis. I think you should read this, now that Obamacare, imitation of the Dutch healthcare system, is in effect.

What happened happened to me a year ago. Although I am not a customer of Agis anymore since January 1, 2013, the company says to have sent me some letters and two small invoices for ‘own risk’, that is the part of the bill customers must pay themselves. I had received specialist care in the year 2012. Health insurers are allowed to do that, because patient own risk is part of the legal health insurance system. I found only one of these invoices, plus a reminder, dated May 2013. The invoice and other correspondence contain numbers: The ‘payment’ number, which must be mentioned when paying; a ‘customer’ number, a ‘category’ number, and an ‘entry’ number. The amounts were 24 and 14 euros, plus a few pennies. Then, in August 2013, I received a letter from a collection agency, GGN, with a reminder. The invoices they referred to are similar to those Agis itself says to have sent, however, the invoice numbers mentioned by GGN are entirely different. The letter I received from GGN, arrived in December 2013 with a subpoena, with, again, these unknown bills. Copies of invoices are missing in the subpoena. Due to illness, I couldn’t appear in the court hearing. The disease is the same as the one for which I was treated in 2012. I didn’t receive a copy of the judgement, which surprised me. A few weeks later (probably,) GGN sent me their notification of the judgement, with a court copy. I was more astonished with their financial demand of, all in, 434 euros (and a few pennies)!!

Due to the excessively high cost, about fifteen times the principal amount of 38 euros; due to the fact that the judgment is enforceable, which gives them the right to sell my property, even if I ‘m still in legal procedure; due to the disproportionate high collection fees; and especially due to the lack of evidence, I started an opposition procedure against this judgment. Such high extra demand, some 1500% of the original invoices, shouldn’t contain any error, especially if the original claim is so small. No comma may be wrong, so to speak. GGN has responded. It says, that because of the large amount of cases, they do not feel a need for careful argumentation. GGN says, that the invoice number mentioned in their summons is a ‘registration’ number, and the number on the invoices themselves is a ‘payment reference.’ If that is true, all those numbers should be mentioned in all correspondence to me. The ‘registration’ numbers in the summons are missing in the letters of Agis. I believe, that if a debt collection agency starts a case against me, this is a prerequisite. I should have known. That the due date and amount match, does not mean these are the same bills. I can only say this: Agis hasn’t urged payment of the bills known to me, because I ‘ve already paid them; or they do not want payment; or the invoices mentioned by GGN were not meant for me. Call it carelessness, the fairy tale book, or Pinocchio’s nose?

Anyway, I do not want to be bothered. With great speed, apparently only three months after the last invoice was sent, Agis already proceeded to a legal case. Obviously they should have called me first in person, if only because of the small amount. They demand an excessive amount for expenses, which, to my surprise is even rewarded by the judge — never mind my absence. That says something about the legal system in the Netherlands. The costs mentioned in the copy-verdict deviate from the amounts GGN demands in its notification. And above all, the invoice numbers do not match. If Agis doesn’t admonish me for the bills known to me, I feel freed from any obligation to provide proof of my payment behavior. If it Agis admonishes me for unknown bills, I feel treated indifferently, perhaps even lied to. Furthermore, Agis already made ​​a clumsy lawsuit against me before, and they mainly lost that. Hence, I demand that Agis / Achmea carry not only its own costs, but also mine and any other: That they will reimburse me my costs incurred for the opposition procedure.

Does Agis still think that I owe them something? Let them first close this idiotic lawsuit. Then they may start all over by sending me a bill for alleged own risk costs from the year that I was insured with them. Only then I feel obliged to something.

I have been ill for several years. Therefore, I haven’t had sufficient opportunity to respond to frivolous stuff and have had to prioritize. Anyone who does not believe this, may read my posts on this blog. And, an additional discomfort is the very poor quality of care I received. Thanks the advice of a family member with the same symptoms, I now recover, most certainly not because of the official health care system. If this is accompanied by untrue and unjust payment orders, I can only come to this conclusion: I can now better look for health care abroad. Here, I only meet indifference and false, self-serving bureaucracy.

America, this is what awaits you, under Obamacare! So eat your out…

Financial injustice is typical of the Dutch state anyway, examples galore. Anyone who like to know more, should catch up their reading on Dutch art seller Goudstikker, to mention an example…

And in Dutch law, legal recourse is impossible in ‘small financial disputes’, small meaning under some 2000 euros. Only if you missed showing up in court, you may start an ‘opposition’ procedure, as described above. In practice, this is the bulk of financial cases, which makes one question Dutch legal protection against financial predators like insurance companies, power companies and housing corporations. Basically speaking, the average consumer is unprotected against large corporations. Who else, after all, make core business of entering law suits …?


3 Replies to “Dear S&P Moody’s Fitch ao rating agencies”

  1. I empathize for your health situation. In America most of us know our medical situation is going rapidly downhill, as we are pawns in the rich man’s game—what’s new!

    1. Any state monopoly, also when aided by a small number of oligopoly corporations, is the end of the decent legal system and, most importantly, good health care. Help you nation and end your new health care system. Thanks for your reply @D

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