Trees smell like Frozen Pinatas

It’s a topic I hold dear, nowadays: Gene food by notorious GMO-corporations… thanks for sharing Charlie, @D

Charlie Zero The Poet

Strength of a Tree Grows typically
like a vascular tissue fruit sample
made from best-buys take out.
How many close-up fleshy secondary branch skulls
can we afford to materialize them with Apple computer Macintosh?

Political Plants are being supported
by pears, plums, and tropic Tree cherry Godzilla’s.

Mr. President Obama has recently discovered
that citrus Genetics form a bond next to the Atlantic Modified Forest —
How would the White tree trunks ever make it to Brazil?

Trees became commercially responsible
for Christmas activity; money, greed, & power.

Trees pack temperature source of climate diets and super fun Mysteries.

A Tree nurtures woody Allen and gives detectives some older tissue samples of who committed the first act of treason,
was it Adam? Eve? I’ll clue you in…good night.

© Charlie Zero and Trees smell like Frozen Pinatas , 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and…

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