Gathering advice on food
Getting rid of a flu
Youngest son in a party mood
Eldest son studies, yet plays too


Day Four

This is going to be
A bigger challenge
Than no coffee
Our food lost balance

Since genetic modification
Cereals seem most critical,
Even in natural condition
Processed food is typical

In some of today’s health issues —
Which foods are still fairly poison free:
Rhye bread, veg, fish, meat, nuts, fruit, honey
We don’t know if that continues


Pancakes Without Flour

It’s very simple and quite delicious:

Mix two eggs with one banana, blend it (without water), then pour it on a buttered oven plate. Heat in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius, five to ten minutes. When it’s acquired the texture of a genuine pancake, it’s ready to eat.


Vladimir Putin

Khodorkovsky spent 10 loud years in jail
He did all but shut up in his cell
The president took a chance to do well
At his request his president didn’t fail
To at last release him
Was it a genuine soft spot or a whim?



As ever at the shortest day
Rains fall from a low, gray sky
The water finds its way
As does candle light into the sky



This is what I’ll do
Live it up
Enjoy through & through
The nicer drops from life’s cup