What a day this is
Feel like smashing something up
Moment for a kill


8 Replies to “:X@#FFU”

      1. Hm. Sometimes you have to build separately from the smashing, too. I think a lot of negative energy is channeled into “responding” to injustice. Injustice never responds to justice! Hell, it just goes off and does the unjust thing. I have learned that in some cases it is easier and more successful to follow that path–don’t respond to the injustice; just start something just.

        Or, you know, you could always Smash, then grind the heel in to be sure it’s dead, THEN build.

        And good luck on whichever path seems most appropriate–

      1. the haiku doesn’t show — however, any justice system, any society, will only project the majority sustaining that society. As it grows, in 2 generations, a political and a supporting/leeching class comes into existence. I haven’t found a loophole in that self sustaining existence of power, yet. Perhaps keep the founding mothers/fathers alive … but even that would not be sufficient as dinosaurs would be created.
        I had my fair and unfair share of the system. It is like the sea: it gives and it takes.

        1. Today’s dinosaurs caused an economic crisis though. It’s true, that there is no good seperation of power between officials and citizens. That makes it difficult to change the present system. Officials now work on fields that used to be the workplace of business. @D

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