I had an interesting day
Fascinating project
Now well on its way
Finished was a traject



My boat receives maintenance
The motor, a new cover
Before cold days’ entrance
Still briefly sail & discover



I wish I could talk about it
I fail here
Maybe I’m out of whit
There, here


Go On

Succeeded to concentrate
Drawn a lot
Champions League could agitate
From the background tv spot


Lucid Dream

I had a stroll on a field near a forest

Birds & small animals fled past me

A rabbit climbed into a tree

A fox pack appeared from the forest

The foxes shook the tree forcefully

The rabbit fell from the tree

The foxes swallowed the rabbit wholly

I woke up, in a mood of unrest,

Somewhere in my chest


Cum Laude

My first son
First study year rewarded
With honors he ended the run
Engineer’s title may be awarded



Much sickness in this house
No wish to go outdoors
I feel like a mouse
Under a cold gray sky that bores



A weekend of listening
Asian gong beats cured
An ear pain I had endured
Miraculous happening