Russian Ambassador

You really think
Holland will punish
Public officials who stink?
It never does, here to our anguish



Best days of Autumn
Still a mild temperature
Great skies, changing leaves



First time I entered this agora
Not suited for those with a fobia
Suited for lovers of space
Who now & then must leave their base


Westeinderplas 0810201306

New Lake

Impressive & breathtaking
The vastness of water, clouds, light
My biggest challenge to yachting
A privilege to enjoy this might


Westeinderplas 0610201305

Night Call

Stiff in every muscle
Attention required at unusual hour
Then daytime bustle
Things a parent may devour



I thought that In Europe
It’s trend to complain about
Islam & it’s choking rope
The euro is EU’s Allah, throughout