My Worth!?

“We have estimated the price of comparing search traffic, unique visitors and realtime advertising rates to $137 You can place our pricetag widget on your site in order to get attention to your users.”

I don’t often use Google Search. The other day, however, I did. I found several sites like this one, with an entire advertising profile for my name. Apparently, these are market research agencies, keyword researchers ao. I realize, that internet use isn’t free. Yet, it feels as if vultures are circling around my site. And me! (Though the IP-number mentioned isn’t mine, thank God.) Am I wrong to think so? Or is my only problem that I’m not getting any of this money? Can I place their widget on my blog? What is it, that these people do with my data?

I just wonder what other bloggers do with this, iow, what’s your view on it?

And maybe, you, owners, are kind enough to give me your reaction?

Sincerely, @D

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