Danger Captains

Tsunami behind their boat
I don’t know
The issue they try to show
Is not appropriate on a boat


Edward Snowden

European states offended Bolivia’s president
To the core over Edward Snowden
The president morally won at this event
What happened then?

Snowden now wants to stay with the Russians
Russia wants to abandon computers
For reliable German typewriters
Espionage is a world of comedians

It’s too tempting for governments
Not to eavesdrop
At the others’ moments
It’s a sad flop

Reading piles of love letters
Advertising mails
Among all those tales
Once a thing that ‘matters’

I see no real hero
A spy is in the eyes
Of the own party a zero;
Beast of burden under other skies



Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov


Great thought, I just hope that all our thinking processes start in head&heart, and ~


The world news is inspirational
Same may go for the internal
Mood or digestion
May draw the attention


Ramadan Kareem

I saw a young man sail the lake
Tomorrow he’ll abstain from eating & drinking
From night till late in the evening
Meeting himself is at stake



Coming weeks will be hot & sunny
I spent a while thinking
Not roaming
Jobs done; then do something funny



On the high waves
My boat window cracked
Not everything behaves
Within my desired impact


Sloterplas westwaarts 0407201301


I’m proud of brave Egypt
Contrary to cowardly Europe
The people don’t elope
Inferior political careers are clipped



President Vladimir Putin says
Edward Snowden must stop
Releasing US-info that’s not his
Does Putin have a point or a flop?


Arts And Haiku

Thanks for sharing, @D

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

A Fairy Tale Woe
Against all odds…Love endures!
Tribulation ends…

Tifannie King 

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silentlyheardonce says: ***

What dreams of passion
For those who walk through hell’s gates
Stop! Smell the flowers

Lisa Summerlin says:

Blurred edges of lust

Seeking the heat of passion

Love finds its way in

sarahpotterwrites says:

Heart pierced by a thorn:
drifting between life and death,
the flower fairy wilts.

adollyciousirony says:

’til death do us part!

You tamed me… Behold a bloom

I am with nine lives…

–Rick says:

wind blown
bobbing marsh grasses
a dragonfly sleeps

Waiting on cold, bitter winds in New England

kz says:

If love were a place,
‘Tis heaven and hell combined
I’ve been there and back.

yerpirate says:

aroma of rose
devil’s door to passion
her fantasy flutters

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I’m glad they spy on EU-politicians
Europe has a long history
Of war crimes on civilians
USA’s rescue role is no mystery