Short & sturdy he goes to mosque
He’s retired, salutes everybody
Miss prayer he doesn’t risk
Consistency has a body


4 Replies to “Neighbor”

  1. hmmm??? Sounds to me like an old veteran who has come along way from war and now retirement.
    Does this veteran not go to church?

    Like always you have strong visuals for writing short pieces. 🙂 I like this one very much. 🙂

    2 thumbs way up! 🙂

    Say, if you get a chance check out my new poem. It’s called: Moon crust acid (2045).

    1. Hi Charlie! So my writing leaves questions here&there… that’s the strength & challenge of poetry, I think. I don’t think my neighbor is a veteran. I do think he’s a good sport. He is a Moroccan immigrant, a Muslim, and a pleasant neighbor. Now and then he talks with my sons, me, and the other people in the street. He’s satisfied with life, is my impression. @D

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