First Wolf

Since a 150 years, or around
A recently died wolf was found
Now in the Central Netherlands
Wandered, or planted by human hands


3 Replies to “First Wolf”

  1. Yet this is a very true, recent situation, Charlie!

    Last Monday (if I’m correct), a wolf carcass was found in this country’s center. Nowadays, the wolf is returning in our neighboring countries, Belgium, France, Germany ao. They’ve been spotted near the Dutch border several times, and this is the first time they actually found one.

    There’s much excitement in the media. This is normal in Summertime – fuss about exotic fauna apparitions such as pumas, tropical snakes ao, because there isn’t much news. But this time it’s true. Now there’s the speculation if it had wandered in by itself, or if the carcass had been put there by people, as a prank.

    In Europe, there’s an effort going on to re-introduce the wolf. Also in the Netherlands. Me, I have a mixed feeling about it. I find them spectacular, yet have the selfish wish that they stay away from my town. 😉

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