Quiet on the water
This boating season
Weather bummer, falling water
From gray skies this season


Warm Rain 290420121801


Trusting a man is like trusting a boat
Know him, then go afloat
And entrust your life & body
Everything the ride will embody



Obligations to the government
Always boring
Now the flexible cord is breaking


Unique Style

A very own use of plurals
Many happenings, guys & gals
Unique language use
To me it was diffuse



Anybody seen it this weekend?
Here, it was covered behind clouds
Another cycle seemingly without end
In this universe with its endless crowds



Sometimes I ask others, you too, questions
It’s not to check or doubt
It’s genuine interest for opinions
More so when they stand out



I write you a thank you-letter
You carried me all those years
I hope tomorrow you feel better
Now my attention is all yours


God & I

Reblogged not only for me – also for Eric Alagan, Izaakson, Kronieken, Manojero, DivineGrace: Enjoy & explore. Thanks for sharing.

Striving For Unity = Dictatorial

#LuxMagazine ‘Niet begrepen willen of hoeven worden en niet streven naar eenheid is het wezen van democratie. Streven naar eenheid is in wezen dictatoriaal’

‘Not wanting or needing to be understood and not striving for unity is the core of democracy. Striving for unity is basically dictatorial’

Prof Manuela Kalsky, theologist

So true! I’ve always said it: compulsory striving for unity can only lead to destruction camps. Me, I don’t need to be understood etc. @D