Monarchie is eerder emotie
Dan staatsinstitutie
Het gaat om persoonlijkheid
Een kus is passend afscheid

Monarchy is emotion
Rather than state institution
It’s about personality
A goodbye kiss we should see


Foto-0079#2 Kus als dank aan vorig staatshoofd 30042013


At times I wonder what trust may be
Allowing another to need me
Or vice versa
Always turn a snake pit into a spa


Magazine Project

I’ll reblog… who knows who may benefit from this.

The Memoirs of Sunshine Bojangles

Chicago based independent magazine, wanting to take a chance and make people see something new. We take any medium. We’re just looking for fresh and new stuff. Since i enjoy wordpress, i thought some people would enjoy starting this adventure with me. Please don’t be shy and submit. The more the artists submit, the more it helps us. It also helps anyone get their work out.

Just made this tumblr, also submit work and follow on this. Still need countless submissions.

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Some questions may have no answer
Yet offer food for thought & debate
Digestion improves by what we ate
The mind may become a dancer