The Job

Before I know
I miss a deadline
A wake-up call may work fine
The grass is a challenge for the mow


Not Over

I guess I must say more
To clear the path
Always clean the tub before
Making  a warm bath



85 Degrees

Scan Case 16:

The cow that has lost its tail has only its god to chase away the flies.



Fulani cattle men are widely known for their nomadic way of life. In Nigeria, they are mainly found in the northern states. Due to the dry dusty predominant weather condition in the north, these men tend to migrate to the south with their cattle in search of green pastures, leaving behind their families and friends. So wherever they find lush fields they rest for awhile (say two weeks or more) before moving on. It’s fascinating to note that these men also may decide sell some of their cows (which they do anyway) along the way–that is, if the terms are right. Regardless of their little or no educational background, they know what effect money can have on them as individuals and collectively as splinter groups.

Every herd has an alpha…

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