Day 366

Remember your dead
Review your plan
Remember the fun you had
Learn from mistakes if you can

Happy new year, @D

Happy 2013

Apocalypse Day Pics

Sloterplas 2112201207

Sloterplasfontein 2112201216

Sloterplas 2112201213

Sloterplas 2112201222

Sloterplas 2112201225

Sloterplas oostoever 2112201240

Sloterplas terugblik 2112201239

Yachting in Winter is a breathtaking experience – if there’s no rough weather, obviously. It gets even better on hype days, when there’s a weather alarm, or a dooms day forecast. I’m somehow glad, too, that I have a simple low resolution camera. Now I see the essentials only.


Apocalypse day rainy day
I was on my boat anyway
No other place where I’d want to be
Now look who’s here: you, me


Sloterplas zuidereilanden 2112201224