Resuming jobs
Beautiful Summer days
There are many ways
To chase the teasing hobs


So very nice thx for sharing

The Little Backpacker

After spending last night at the Grand Canyon and waking up at 5 am, we were all a bit sleeply heading in to monument valley. I was behind the wheel so the boys could sleep, driving from Arizona to Utah to this incredible place.

As we got closer to our destination the land became more orange, rocky and dry – I really felt like I was in Utah, it was exactly like I had imagined. The land around the vast empty road was mostly flat except for the amazing, huge rock structures coming up from nowhere. I had seen plenty of pictures of this place but nothing prepared me for seeing it first hand.

Stopping at the state line to take the typical ‘hanging off state sign shots’ and I managed to capture this shot of the landscape, with the rock sculptures jutting out from the land in the background…

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