Second & Third

Joy with a bronze medal
Tears over a silver medal
Yet any medal winner
For sure is a winner


Thanks for sharing, great pics

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It’s Ramadan ( Holy Month) by the way here in the OC (not the Order of Canada, but just a name I invented to call this country, hahaha)

Anyways during Holy Month,  my work starts from 9:30pm to 3am.

And so last night  before I went to work, I did a “try-out” with my new Canon SLR.

I want to share them here with you 🙂

Just let me know how I did it, hahaha

I took these shots below with a moving car, so I thought I’d click on one of those  “sports feature” of my cam in the menu.

A Water Fountain Along Al-Hambra Street, Jeddah

This one is a Prayer Place

It was so fun to shoot.  I admit I need to learn more on how to use my new cam. 

I created a new blog by the way to  share my future shots with you.


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