High Season

Scent bits of honeysuckle & poplar fluff
Hydrangea, giant cow parsnip
The outdoors has a firm grip
On those seeking the best stuff


Two Weeks

Two weeks of study & tests left
Summer break eases their stress
In two a young person’s year is cleft
Now unknown limits they’ll transgress


This Night

Humid, warm, roses scent
Boring soccer match came & went
Stressful correspondence done
Words should solve it rather than a gun


Buam-dong – quietly cool

Thanks for sharing, another world. @D

Our Man in Korea

So you’ve lived in Seoul for a while now and you’re sick of the weekend crowds. You want to hang out in a neighbourhood with funky little coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries. You’re sick of running the tourist gauntlet of Insa-dong. You can’t handle Samcheong-dong’s pouting, posing couples. You’ve come to realise that Hongdae is insane. You need to go to Buam-dong.

Behind the old fortress wall in the mountains north-west of Gyeongbuk Palace, Buam-dong has all the good things that Seoul’s trendier neighbourhoods have, with the added benefit of a slightly remote, peaceful location. Buam-dong’s mountain background, low brick buildings and quiet streets make you wonder if this is Seoul at all.

 There is not a Starbucks clone in sight – the only coffee shops are the sort that venerate ‘bean’ and ‘hand-drip’ as divine concepts. Most of the shops are brightly painted or housed in traditional wooden

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Politics have come of age
The people’s will no longer in a cage
Now there’s recognition
Of mutual consultation
As part of Islam, we’re past rage



Once the world understands
The South must pay its own debt
Responsibility belongs to the set
Accept this & Europe fends