A smile is great charity.

Written Words Never Die

When I was an executive, an office colleague – a lawyer – retorted she was so busy with work and family that she had no time for charity work unlike ‘some people’ – she was referring to me in a derisive tone.

Here I was managing six workshops, had a busy travel schedule, had three young children of my own and capable wife no doubt, my weekends were ‘fully committed’.

Obviously, time management eluded my colleague but, as Mechanic Leigh would say, that is another story.

I asked her to smile.

“What?” she flew, barely hiding her annoyance.

I said, “Smile – at the coffee lady, the washroom attendant, the newsboy – smile, that is charity enough for a start. It is free, not time-consuming and you’ll receive more than you give.”

She stomped off, muttering under her breath.

Several years later (I was managing my business then) l met her…

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