Clarity may come
On a long standing issue
Concerning my health


Sossusvlei Dunes – Namibia

Amazing pics, thanks for sharing. @D


As long as we’re doling out tons of AFAR love, I’ve been wanting to share with you my photos of the Sossusvlei Dessert in Namibia that I’ve posted for their “highlights”. The theme for these photo entries was “Top of the World”. Enjoy!

“I tried going through Nambia as a solo-traveler and found out that it’s very difficult to do. After hitching a ride from a honeymooning couple from Cape Town across the border into the Orange River region of southern Namibia, the hostel owner where we pitched for the night was alarmed that I didn’t have any on-ward plans other than continue being a third-wheel on a honeymoon or be stranded with him for a week or more before another tour bus came through. Luckily, a “Whichway Overland Adventures” bus arrived at the hostel that night, and he nudged me to ask the driver to joining them all the way…

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Late Night

It doesn’t get fully dark
Scent of hay on the air
Television talks about what’s fair
In the world arena which isn’t a park



A rose as the scent of summer
Symbol of beauty, love, friendship
We long for their companionship
When it’s midsummer



He did his last today
He knows he passed
Life will show a new way
I hope he will have a blast


Self Help

It’s time to replace solidarity
By independence
And self-reliance
Corporations bring no prosperity


Thanks for sharing, great impressions, @D

Have Baggage, Will Travel

You can’t visit Iceland without checking out the Blue Lagoon. Oh, I’ve heard all the arguments against it: It’s a tourist trap. It’s a manmade attraction. It’s expensive. All these claims are at least somewhat true—but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the Blue Lagoon is still pretty freaking awesome.

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Go On

Heat may wear us down
People come & go in life
Systems may crumble down
I decided to continue what I do in life



Friendships online become tangible
When friends exchange gifts
Relations become feasible
It’s us internet uplifts




Now the great weather is here
Years ago I decided
Do nothing against my will or fear
Live it up undivided



A prominent musician & politician
Treated like a beggar
A distinguished guest treated as prisoner
Border patrol as Holland’s admission


Hour H

Final exams start today
Someone here is pacing the floor
Haven’t seen it before
Hope to see dreams on their way