Moments in between
Getting by from before
Never have I seen
Such behavior before


Just look at them…! #sonice


This past weekend I visited my parents in Oberlin, Ohio.  Peaceful and quiet is an understatement when it comes to describing Oberlin.  You’re more likely to hear a student practicing the bagpipes (we did) than the honking of car horns or police sirens.  On a day to day basis, not much happens in town, so imagine my surprise and delight when I not only spied two vintage German automobiles, but also happened to have my camera with me!

They were just about to drive away…

Photo of two vintage German automobiles from 1957 and 1962, taken by Joana Miranda

But he couldn’t figure out how to put it in reverse.

Photo of white German vintage 3-wheeled automobile, taken by Joana Miranda

The driver of the blue auto hopped out to give some advice…

Photo of 3-wheeled German vintage auto with top open, taken by Joana Miranda

While I ran around the back to get a picture of the dashboard.

Photo of interior of vintage German automobile, taken by Joana Miranda

Mr. Black Beret was very friendly…

Photo of cute guy in black beret in white vintage German automobile, taken by Joana Miranda

And offered to get out so that I could have a seat.

Photo of Joana in white German vintage automobile, taken by Joana Miranda

Having mastered reverse, Mr. Black Beret put the car in gear…

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