Not always a day of rest
Day of shopping
Day of cleaning
Different activity is best


House Guest

In times of crisis
We need to stick together
Entitled to help a friend is
When he enters rough weather



Boating season has begun
Crowds are sailing
Repeated fun
Somehow never boring



Between Storms

No news from the field
I must await developments
Come & go like elephants
Hope for a positive yield


Abu Dhabi: The Grand Mosque

Architecture at its best. I just love this. So amazing!

Prada For Breakfast

Early morning fog at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.

I recently travelled to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for a short trip and had an incredible experience. It was unlike any place I have ever been (especially considering that I haven’t been out of the States much.) The city was not as touristy as I had initially anticipated, which came as a surprise and relief — I wanted to experience the culture, not just become part of a massive entertainment industry. You can see two distinct cultures in Abu Dhabi: the old, or more traditional, UAE, and the new, modern city, still under heavy construction. There is a strong push towards the future in Abu Dhabi, especially when it comes to architecture, which is evident pretty much any where you go. But there are also pockets of traditional culture that are very interesting to explore. Although…

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Consumer Reports by Bloggers | The Scourge Of Privatization

Thank God the Belastingdienst situation is solved now; I had it rightfully my way. The Nuon conflict is about to reach its climax very soon. Their claim has been lowered from 900 euros to now some 450 euros. I think they have to acknowledge refunding my yearly advance overcharge and stop harassing me for their so-called ‘overdue costs’. After all, no one else charges customers for non-payment or even late payment a year of two years after they already paid the invoice. Which means I may not have to pay.

I have a thing for sweet peppers

We Call Him Yes!Chef!

I saw these colorful mini sweet peppers at the store the other day and I wanted to photograph them but I had to come up with some sort of recipe so that Yes! Chef! would make them for me and then I could photograph them. Lo and behold there was a perfectly great recipe right on the back of the bag.  I brought them home and waved them in front of Yes! Chef!  He said something like, “Yes, they are pretty”.  He knows my propensity for Crow Photography (photographing any pretty, shiny or colorful thing that I see), so he wasn’t culinarily very interested.  Then I showed him the recipe on the back of the bag and I said things like, “Mmmmm.  This looks great” and “I sure do love capers, olives and peppers” and finally, “Could you please make this for me and we could put it on steaks…

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