To be remembered is fine
A farming friend of mine
Named a cow after me
It stirs a soft spot in me





Rascal Slim: you want to follow his ongoings.

Written Words Never Die

1960s’ Singapore: The continuing saga of a boy called Mechanic Leigh…

School recess was all too short, only twenty minutes. The bell rang. I rushed to the toilet, just enough time for a quick pee before the mad dash back to the classroom.

Mother had bought the cheapest school shorts – with zippers – no more struggling with oversized buttons and tiny buttonholes.  (For the uninitiated, back in the sixties, Japanese products were cheap but sucked).

(You’re reading this in red because the full episode is not available for public viewing)

If Pa were alive, he would have done the same. Sigh!

I love Jack.

(Ghost writer whispers: Dear readers, it is the first time Leigh has mentioned his father. Please don’t mention him in your comments)

********** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2012 **********

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Thank You

My sweet neighbor was kind
I thanked his mother for their friendship
Music, laughter linger in our mind
Celebrate life through neighborship



How he acts matters
His heart is not on his sleeve
Words aren’t the issue



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The light captured at its very best.

Chez Louis

We were woken up this morning by the tannoy announcement that we would soon be crossing the arctic circle again, so it was a quick shower followed by a quick rush on to the deck to see us leave the arctic behind. We look all around to try and see the arctic circle but of course we don’t really know what we’re looking for, is there maybe a  big red line, like at the airport when you’re waiting to go through immigration, of course there isn’t, well not that we saw anyway.


After floating by the last couple of snow capped islands within the circle we come to the island, and the globe monument on it, that marks the latitude 66° 33′ 44″ and the ship dutifully sounds it’s horn as we effortlessly move passed on our journey south.



I’m glad that we then decided to make our way straight to breakfast rather than go…

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Great illustrations, quite impressive.

Today’s featured artist is from right around my home town! Hailing from Niagra Falls Ontario Klassen currently resides and works in LA making amazingly beautiful illustrations. I know I say this all the time about my features, but this time I really am head over heels. Klassen is brilliant! I love everything about his work! He has illustrated books, as well as worked on the film Coraline! Please visit Jon Klassen’s website burst of beaden to see more of his beautiful work! Enjoy!

Hope this starts your Monday off right! Adios!

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