October Morning

Clouds fire back the first sun rays
Chill on the air
Expectations run many ways
Into rainy fatigue or low sun flair



Reblog: The Edge of Reason

Great painting, it says it all. @D

from small things

I awoke to near freezing temps this morning. I stood out in the cold waiting for my dogs to poop like the moron I am every day and even though I have had a dog for over 5 years now the misery of waiting for poop in the cold never gets better. Nor does my ability to train my little poodle princess to do her business alone. She just needs an audience or she’d rather  put her winkle poos all over my floors.

The good news is that I have new paintings. And I feel like doing more which is a feeling I haven’t had in a long while. Maybe it’s the sense that cold winter is coming and baking myself into a blob of useless couch matter is not the way I want to go…paint paint paint!

Happy Thursday, folks. After all Thursday is like Friday Jr. my  wiser…

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